According to PJR’s copyright policy, the journal submitting the manuscript is the rightful owner of the copyright. PJR is dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical practices and scholarly publishing standards. We acknowledge that authors may withdraw submitted manuscripts in certain circumstances. We have developed exemption policies that define specific requirements for exemptions at various stages of the publication process to ensure openness and equity.
Conditions for Withdrawal:

  1. After Submission

Once a manuscript has been submitted, authors may request it be withdrawn unless the peer review process has been officially initiated. The following prerequisites must be met:
a. Initial Withdrawal Request: Authors may request early withdrawal in writing within one week of the original submission.
b. Reason for Withdrawal: A withdrawal request must have a legitimate reason shown in detail. There are referrals, accidental submissions, and severe errors in the manuscript or specific commentary.

  1. During and After Review:

It is more difficult to withdraw after a manuscript has been submitted for peer review because of the interference of reviewers and editorial resources. The following conditions apply to authors’ requests for opt-outs:
a. Withdrawal during Peer Review: The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to approve requests by authors to withdraw during the peer review process. Participation may not be permitted if priority work has already been established in the research process.
b. Withdrawal after Review: Withdrawal is generally discouraged once a manuscript has been reviewed. However, authors may also submit a valid request with a legitimate reason for withdrawal. Considering researchers’ contributions to the programme, the editorial board will decide within 15 days of receiving the request.

  1. After Publication:

Withdrawal of a manuscript after formal publication is exceptional and only considered in extreme circumstances. Authors who choose to withdraw must give a strong reason, and the editorial board will make the final decision.
Exceptional circumstances: Withdrawal of a manuscript after formal publication is outstanding and only considered in extreme circumstances. The editorial board will decide, and authors must provide solid reasons for withdrawals.

  1. Unethical Withdrawal:

If the author withdraws the manuscript without reason, the editorial board will reserve the right to ban the author for two years and transfer the manuscript to the HEC repository.

  1. Manuscript Retraction:

Violations of the code of professional conduct, such as repeated submissions, false claims of authorship, theft, fraudulent use of data, and similar cases, will sometimes cause a case to be delayed. Some deviations are considered to correct transmission or printing errors. The editorial adheres to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines, including the COPE Retraction Guidelines (https://publicationethics.org/retraction-guidelines).