Pakistan Journal of Rehabilitation publishes fully open access journals, which means that all articles are available on the internet to all users immediately upon publication, without requiring a subscription to the journal.

PJR provides free access for all users globally which increases the Journal’s readership and visibility without any spatial constraints.


In order to maintain timely publications, the reviewers are asked to respond within the days assigned for the review of the particular manuscript. All the Editors and Reviewers are advised to generate their OJS Ziauddin Account in order to receive an article for review and editing. The Editors will advise writers in due time, if their article is acknowledged or whether there is a need to modify something. Likewise, the Editors maintain whatever authority is needed to alter articles appropriately. Papers that have been printed or sent for distribution to different journals won’t be acknowledged. Only fresh/ unpublished articles / papers will be entertained in Pakistan Journal of Rehabilitation. All writers ought to send a complete version of their work containing a composed assertion proposing the article for accommodation, promising to notice the morals of reference of sources utilized (bibliographic references, figures, tables, polls). In case of delay, the reviewers are recommended to inform the journal editor so that the status regarding the manuscript can be communicated to the authors and meanwhile other alternatives can be preferred by the staff editors. PJR editorial team have a full right to accept or reject a paper in any of the upcoming volume of their Journal. Authors are advised to cooperate with the team while applying for their publication.

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