The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) have mandated that the Pakistan Journal of Rehabilitation accept and publish papers in compliance with their requirements. HEC standards are available on the official Higher Education Commission website, and information on ICMJE can be accessed at

According to the ICMJE, authorship should be determined by the following four factors:

  1. Notable contributions to the work’s idea or design, or to the gathering, processing, or interpretation of data for the
  2. Creating a draught or significantly editing the work to remove any unnecessary intellectual filler.
  3. Final clearance for the published
  4. A commitment to take full responsibility for the job, including making sure that any concerns about the correctness or integrity of any component are duly looked into and addressed. Author must follow the HEC guideline before submission of manuscript:

Reporting Standards:

For reproducibility, authors must include all necessary information and references. It is unethical and improper to make false or erroneous comments.

Originality and Plagiarism:

Authors need to provide original writing, provide adequate attribution, and refrain from plagiarism. Any text that is directly quoted needs to be quoted. Reject or accept with conditions if the similarity is more than 15%.


Author’s must state that their work is original and should not be considered elsewhere. Statements of individual contributions are required for co-authored papers. Authorship agreement is ensured by the corresponding author. Declaration form is available on Journal website.

Privacy of Participants:

Participants’ privacy must be respected, informed consent must be obtained, only relevant information may be shared, and explicit consent must be obtained before revealing identities. The participant’s relatives must give their approval if the participant has deceased.

Data Access and Retention:

In case the review process generates questions regarding the validity or accuracy of the research, authors are required to provide the Editor with the raw data.

Corresponding Author:

The primary responsibility for journal communication resides with the corresponding author. They must be accessible for inquiries and support with requests for data at all times during submission, peer review, and publishing.

Author’s Address/ Affiliation:

Authors are required to provide their current address along with their organization, email address, credentials, and the corresponding author’s phone number. ORCID is mandatory for submission of an article.