Ownership of Pakistan Journal of Rehabilitation

Pakistan Journal of Rehabilitation is an open-access research journal established in 2012 by Zia Uddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences (ZCRS) that has a distinct area of rehabilitation sciences in order to promote evidence practice, benchmark guidelines, and clinical practices in the rehabilitation profession while being an integral member of a holistic team in Health care.

Zia Uddin University is a leading academic institute that promotes research and evidence-based practice, it supports and takes ownership of the journals established by its departments. ZCRS has established PJR Publishing policy with its core team of Editorial board under the guidance of the advisory board and adheres to it for authentic work.

Pakistan Journal of Rehabilitation is registered under ISSN 2311-3863 for printing and 2309-7833 for online publication of the journal. The editorial board has ownership of the publication process, which is OJS/PKP and the authors have ownership of their articles and ethical consideration. The board is composed of different rehab professions domains such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, rehab nursing, clinical psychology, orthotics, physical education, and sports sciences. The organization is bearing all the expenses for the smooth electronic publication and printing of PJR.

PJR has copyright reserved and registered with Cross Ref, providing all articles with individual separate DOI. The unique DOI for PJR is 10.36283/pjr.zu.