Editorial Policy

The Editorial Team

Pakistan Journal of Rehabilitation (PJR) is headed by Editor-in-Chief, Editor, Assistant Editors and Editorial Board. The Assistant Editors and Editorial Board are nominated on the basis of their experience and as per the need of the journal. The board is committed to maintain high quality of journal standards and is supported by an Editorial Office Team.

Review of Manuscript

The review of manuscript at Pakistan Journal of Rehabilitation (PJR) undergoes the following policies:

Initial review

Initial review is internally conducted by reviews of the front office for checking the originality and quality of work. It usually takes 3 to 5 workings days to respond to the authors. Manuscript may be rejected at this stage or be sent back to the authors for corrections. Manuscripts that do not meet the standards of the journal (such as increased plagiarism, greater than 15% or lack of originality) are returned to authors with decision.

Peer review

The submitted manuscript is sent to the subject specialist reviewers. The reviewer usually takes 3 to 5 working days to either rejected or sent back to authors for revision. In total three reviews are given to the authors for any manuscript to be accepted/rejected in the journal.

Revised manuscripts, if deemed acceptable as per journal policy, are finally evaluated for publication.

Declining of Manuscript

Pakistan Journal of Rehabilitation may refuse a manuscript on following basis:

  1. The findings are not novel
  2. Do not provide sufficient new insights
  3. Do not contain enough new information
  4. Too preliminary to warrant publication

Plagiarism Policy

The editorial team of Pakistan Journal of Rehabilitation is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity of published scientific content. For this purpose, the Plagiarism policy of PJR in line with HEC plagiarism policy will be applied while handling the manuscripts to determine the originality of the manuscripts.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

The authors of original research papers should declare any competing commercial interests related to their submitted work. Authors are requested to submit a statement specifying whether the authors have a conflict of interest or not.